Freezer, Dryer, & Dishwasher Service in San Antonio, TX

As a knowledgeable provider of washing machine, oven, and dishwasher service in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, and Leon Valley, TX, Able Appliance Home Service works hard to extend the lifespan of the major appliances in your home. Replacing an appliance isn’t only expensive, it’s also a major headache. Trust our maintenance team to protect your investment so that you can feel confident your appliance will stay functional. Our expert dishwasher, freezer, and refrigeration repair technicians maintain appliances from the following brands:

  • Amana
  • Frigidaire
  • GE
  • Kenmore
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Samsung
  • Subzero
  • Viking
  • Whirlpool

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Complete Service

It’s a simple fact that maintaining your appliances helps them last longer. We help you stay up-to-date on vital maintenance services, to keep your appliances in ship-shape, working efficiently to deliver the results you expect from them. We service most major equipment.

  • Washing Machines:
    There are many components in a washing machine that affect its efficiency. Our washer and dryer repair technicians check hoses, door gaskets and filters to ensure your clothes get clean during every cycle.
  • Dryers:
    Maintaining a dryer not only extends its lifespan, it also prevents the risk of fire. We recommend cleaning the exhaust vent at least every two years and replacing vinyl or plastic exhaust vents with metal. It’s a simple way to ensure your safety at home.
  • Ovens:
    Maintaining an oven can be a dirty business, even if yours has self-cleaning functionality. Our technicians can change the range hood and exhaust filters, replace seals and make sure the oven is firing at accurate temperatures to help you make the most of every meal you cook.
  • Dishwashers:
    We provide reliable dishwasher service throughout San Antonio, TX. From cleaning the door and seals, to the spray arm or replacing the filter, we improve the function and extend the lifespan of this essential kitchen appliance.

Our Maintenance Team Saves You Money

Able Appliance Home Service helps you get the most out of your appliances with expert oven, dryer, and dishwasher services. We also perform thorough checks and tests to spot issues before they become major problems. Contact us today at 210-481-9442 to learn more about our maintenance programs.

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